Vicuco Ticker API

Our API is currently free to use for noncommercial use. We only show ticker data updated every 10 minutes.

Response URL

The virtual_currency and foreign_currency parameters are optional and default to BTC and USD respectively.


  1. btc
  2. ltc


  1. usd
  2. cad
  3. cny
  4. eur
  5. rub

Example call using PHP
// Fetch JSON
$json = file_get_contents("");
// Convert to PHP object
$obj = json_decode($json);
// Dump out results
JSON Response
{ "cad": "301.24939559505", "volume": "42063.47619735", "timestamp": "1440360002" }
Dumped PHP object
stdClass Object ( [cad] => 301.24939559505 [volume] => 42063.47619735 [timestamp] => 1440360002 )

We reserve the right to block your application if it is making too many requests. If you would like to use our API for high volume applications, please contact us.