Vicuco Ticker

Interested in showing a simple widget on your webpage of the current conversion rate between Bitcoins and foreign currency?

We've got you covered. For such purposes, vicuco has built a intuitive, portable and easy to use ticker frame that users can easily put into their websites and blogs.


The process is extremely easy to accomplish and is completely stress free.
Simply paste the code below the achieve the desired results


        style=" width: 269px; 
        height: 130px; 
        border: none;" 


Currency support

*Currently, the Vicuco Ticker only supports BTC (Bitcoins) as virtual currency.

To modify the type of foreign currency displayed, all you need to do is modify parts of the src attribute in the code above.
Specifically, you need to change the foreign currency abbreviation from cad to another currency abbreviation.

Currency Abbreviation Reference

US Dollar = usd

Canadian Dollar = cad

Chinese Yuan = cny

Euro = eur

Russian Rubles = rub