How Did We Get Vicuco Aggregate Rate?

Vicuco Aggregated Rate combines latest data from top virtual currency exchanges and present you one true representative indicator. No more confusing forex numbers for common folks like you and me. Vicuco is all about common simplicity.

By polling data from top virtual currency exchanges such as Bitfinex, BTC-E, Quadriga, Bitstamp, ITBIT and Anxbtc, Vicuco determines the market share of each virtual currency exchange, and combining it with their latest reported average exchange rate (e.g. BTC to USD), Vicuco Aggregated Rate is calculated for your usage.

For example, if Exchange A reported their latest BTC to USD rate is 100 and Vicuco determined that their market share at the moment is 80%, while Exchange B's reported rate is 120 with market share 20%, the Vicuco Aggregated Rate will be calculated as 100 times 0.8 plus 120 times 0.2 which is equal to 104. An exchanger's market share is determined base on reported trading volume of all exchanges Vicuco polls data from.